One of the rarest Pokemon trading cards have appear online and it's going for big bucks, over $50,000. Pokemon fans who have been collecting and trying to "catch 'em all" since the franchise began in 1996 might have to pay a substantial amount to get this one. The Pokemon Pikachu illustrator card is being auctioned off on eBay by Scot Pratte, a 26-year-old professional card collector. Pratte says the "Holy Grail of Pokemon" has multiple reputable bids for more than $50,000, out of 450 total, which is not up to $100,000, out of 460 total bidders.

The card printed just one year after the franchise began and was originally created as a reward for fans who submitted illustrations of their favorite characters. Only six of these cards exist and only four have ever sold. One for more than $20,000, according to Bulbapedia. The popularity of the Pokemon franchise has since died down since the 1990's but the market for the trading cards are still booming as shown by this card alone and not to mention the 70,000 cards and collections for sale on eBay.

ABC News reports that Pratte says his Pokemon cards are often in greater demand than many of his sports cards. Pratte's card received a score of 9 out of 10from the Professional Sports Authenticator, which qualifies it as "mint" condition. "When you have a third party telling you that the condition is great, buyers are willing to pay a higher premium," Pratte said.

Pratte has another copy of the same valued card that he may auction off depending on the success of this one, saying, "This is just a test to see if I should let go of the other one. If this goes well, it's really going to 'incentivize' me to sell the other."

The bidding for the Pokemon Pikachu illustrator card is scheduled to end September 18.

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