Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift May Have Confused LGBTQ Fans

Being Taylor Swift is not easy, people either love or hate her. Swift is subjected constantly to criticisms and rumours of all kinds, from the West-Swift feud to her famous breakups and recently...
Avengers Cast and Crew

Which Marvel Hero Has The Highest Tag Price?

For those who wonder how much Marvel Studios is paying the actors portraying the characters in the MCU films, below is a list. This is based on reported rates from starred films, the “Avengers”...

Madonna: The Pop Icon People Love To Hate

Madonna's fame, success, power and solid footing as a pop icon comes with love and hate. After all, the “Material Girl” singer epitomizes most of her songs, a template she has laid out even before...
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift: Why People Love To Hate Her

One might ask how someone as talented, gorgeous, relatable and who almost has everything be hated as the same time? Listed below are the reasons why the public is hating on Taylor Swift.