Madonna: The Pop Icon People Love To Hate

Madonna's fame, success, power and solid footing as a pop icon comes with love and hate. After all, the “Material Girl” singer epitomizes most of her songs, a template she has laid out even before...
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift: Why People Love To Hate Her

One might ask how someone as talented, gorgeous, relatable and who almost has everything be hated as the same time? Listed below are the reasons why the public is hating on Taylor Swift.
Princess Eugenie

How Princess Eugenie Copies Meghan Markle

The Meghan Markle effect is real, and it’s not only for ordinary people. Another royal family member may have taken inspiration from the Duchess of Sussex’s fashion sense and style. Meghan may have...
Angelina jolie

What’s With All The Angelina Jolie Rumors?

Actress Angelina Jolie’s name is recently flashed in the headlines as the A-lister prepares to be legally single again and is reportedly working on adopting a new child. More news surfaced after...