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Kylie Jenner

The Truth Behind Why Women Wear Makeup

Slim nose, thick eyebrows, sharp jaw and more can be achieved with the power of makeup. Richard Russell, professor of psychology at Gettysburg College and Harvard University, did a research on all the changes makeup can and can't do in our face.
Michelle and Barack Obama

Keep The Flame Alive With 7 Steps To Making Love Last

Renowned psychologist Dr. Andrea Brandt shares with Latin Times her easily actionable steps for building strong, happy, romantic relationships — whether you’re with the same partner for 30 years or starting a new relationship at 50+.
Personal Trainer

7 Tips For Choosing The Best Personal Trainer For You

Not all of the personal trainers are created equal, and not just anyone will be a good fit for every person. It’s important to reach your fitness goals by finding the right one for you! Find here 7 tips to choose the best personal trainer.
Christmas Tree

How To Pick The Perfect Christmas Tree

There's so many things you might not know about Christmas and trees. Just in time for the Holidays, learn here fun facts and timely tips to for picking and caring for the perfect Christmas tree!