Sabinas January 15, 2013

Mexico blast kills at least 33, flagging Pemex safety woes

Rescue workers pulled out more bodies from debris at the headquarters of Mexican state oil giant Pemex on Friday after a powerful explosion killed at least 33 people and threw a spotlight onto the state-run company's poor safety record.
Mexico Explosion

Mexico Rescue Workers Search For Survivors After Pemex Blast Kills 25

(Reuters) - Emergency services worked into the early hours of Friday to find people trapped in rubble under state oil company Pemex's headquarters in Mexico City after an explosion that killed at least 25 people and injured more than 100.

Guyana's army investigates claims troops robbed mining camps

Guyana's army is investigating allegations that five of its soldiers raided several Brazilian mining camps in the South American country's dense jungle, smoking drugs before beating the miners and stealing gold.

FARC Rebels Vow To Keep Capturing Colombian Security Forces

(Reuters) - Colombia's FARC guerrillas have vowed to continue capturing security forces while the government on Wednesday asked rebels to make it clear they are not wasting time at peace talks in Cuba and genuinely want to end the five-decade conflict.
Brazil Fire

City officials probed for negligence over Brazil nightclub fire

Prosecutors in southern Brazil, where 235 people died when a fire ravaged the Kiss nightclub in Santa Maria last weekend, are investigating whether city leaders and inspectors were negligent in allowing the club to operate.
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Obama Pushes Congress On Immigration, Split Emerges

(Reuters) - Just over a week into his second term, President Barack Obama took his fight for immigration reform to the West on Tuesday and pushed Congress to quickly find a path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented residents.
Missing bodies found

Bodies of missing Mexican band members found in well

Police found a dozen bodies inside a well in northern Mexico, some of them members of a band abducted last week by an armed group, a spokesman for the state of Nuevo Leon, Jorge Domene, said on Monday.
Eufemiano Fuentes

Doping-Spanish Doctor Had Clients In Soccer And Tennis

Spanish doctor Eufemiano Fuentes told a court on Tuesday he had clients that doped in other sports besides cycling, including soccer, tennis and boxing after finally taking the stand in a much-delayed trial.
Barack Obama

Obama To Tread Carefully In Immigration Debate

President Barack Obama will move cautiously into the debate over U.S. immigration reform seeking to build momentum for a new plan to offer a pathway to citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants.
Brazil Nightclub

Analysis: Nightclub fire exposes faults in Brazil's big ambitions

(Reuters) - A nightclub fire that killed 231 people is prompting Brazilians to worry that a culture of haphazard regulation and lax accountability stand in the way of achieving the country's lofty, first-world ambitions.
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Senate Immigration Reform Backers Seek Quick Action

A bipartisan group of senators who have agreed on an immigration reform plan said on Monday they hope to move quickly with legislation giving 11 million illegal immigrants a chance to eventually become American citizens.

Latin America may rally behind single WTO candidate

Latin American candidates bidding to head the World Trade Organization could step down from the race and rally behind the regional figure with the best chance of being appointed, Mexico's candidate to lead the trade body said.
Brazil Nightclub

Brazil Detains Band, Club Owners After Nightclub Fire

Brazilian police on Monday detained the owners of the nightclub where a fire killed 231 people as well as two band members whose pyrotechnics they say triggered the blaze as the focus turned to finding those responsible for the tragedy.