On Sunday Nov. 10, "Sons Of Anarchy" creator Kurt Sutter and a few members of the cast hosted a Hurricane Sandy Relief event. The proceeds from the fan event will go to various charities that help aid victims of last year's Hurricane Sandy. Theo Rossi, who plays Juice on "Sons of Anarchy," started his own charity to help Sandy Victims last year after the hurricane struck his hometown of Staten Island, New York. Part of the proceeds from Sunday's event will go to Rossi's charity Staten Strong.

Fans helped raise $46,000 for Sandy relief, and donations were also made by the FX Network and Fox 21 in the sum of $20,000. Fans attending the benefit held in Asbury Park, New Jersey were treated to a special sneak peek of tonight's all new "Sons of Anarchy." Before the episode played select VIP fans were given the opportunity to meet show creator Kurt Sutter, actress Katey Sagal and actors Theo Rossi and Kim Coates. Rossi and Coates took a few minutes to speak with Latin Times about the event and where their characters are this season.

"Where's my head at? Up my a**," Coates joked when asked about Tig's state of mind this season. "Tig is so firmly up his own a**. No, you know it hasn't really been a huge year for Tig. But he's involved in a lot of stuff." Rossi jumped in to explain that Tig had the funniest line of the season. Rossi was referring to a line in the episode titled "Salvage." The Sons have a bunch of crooked cops on their knees and Jax says to one "We know a scam when we see one."

To which Tig enthusiastically replied, "Yeah, I've seen 'Smokey and the Bandit' like a thousand times. Love that movie." Rossi also added that he loves seeing Coates do scenes with Venus (Walton Goggins), a transgender man living as a woman. Tig and Venus share a close bond and their scenes together are either hilarious or heartwarming. "Anything with Venus kills me," Rossi told Latin Times. "You know how many times him and I do an event together and people say, 'You know Venus is a man right?'" Rossi said as Coates laughed.

Hanging out with Rossi and Coates you get the feeling you are in the presence of two guys who are more than just co-workers. Both men express a brotherly bond that goes far beyond their characters' relationship. During a Q and A session with fans later that night Coates joked that he and Rossi spend too much time together. Both actors were excited to be a part of Sunday's event. They both do a lot of charity work and Coates' daughter helps to run a large non-profit organization called One Heart Source.

Coates explained that the cast loves doing fan events and that this event is especially special to Theo Rossi, whose hometown was hit hard by Sandy. "Our fans, we're I think the biggest fan based show our fans are so important to us and they just keep showing up for us every season, every episode," Rossi said. "I thought this was such an incredible idea, you know to show the fans how much we appreciate them. And also to do what we do which is to give back."

"I mean this show more than anything," Rossi continued, "Like Kim was just saying with his charity One Heart Source, we just did a big event...All the Staten Strong stuff we do and all the different charities that we work for that we both are a part of and...it just means a ton." "We go all over the country whether it be for the military, whether it be for all these different charities and try to do everything we can. We do that because we have the best fans in the world but also because it really means a lot to us that we're in a position that we can get to [help]," Rossi told Latin Times.

Since season five fans have seen a change in Theo Rossi's character Juice. In season five we saw a federal agent try to blackmail Juice to get him to flip on the club. Juice's actions cause him to question loyalties and weighed heavy on him to the point he tried to take his own life. Since the tree branch Juice tried hanging himself with broke his character has become more of a cowboy and reckless with his own life. Coates suggested that Juice is becoming more like Tig in a way and said Juice feels in order to survive he must continue down a Tig like path.

When Coates and Rossi were asked how they are preparing for the final season Rossi jokingly quipped, "Well, you know most of us have another season left." There was some sarcasm in Rossi's voice but also a hint of truth. Kurt Sutter has a way of surprising you with who he kills off and how. Nobody was expecting Opie's death last season or the way Otto was killed this season. "This is about to be a tremendous back end in Juice's world, so I'm really excited for everybody to see it."

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