Apple iPhone 7 To Sport Vibrating Home Button, Second Speaker And More

A familiar rumor concerning Apple's iPhone 7's home button has resurfaced one again. The rumor claims that the new iteration of iPhones will have touch-sensitive home buttons that are comparable to the new MacBooks' trackpad in terms of touch response.
Gravity Rush 2

‘Gravity Rush 2’ Now Available To Pre-Order On PSN

"Gravity Rush 2" is already available to pre-order on PSN, and there are a couple of good reasons why players should pre-order the PlayStation 4 action-adventure video game now.
Nintendo NX

Nintendo NX To Support AR, Android, Wii And GameCube Games

The latest reports about the Nintendo NX points at the possibility of the gaming console having augmented reality support. There are also rumors claiming that the console will be capable of running Android, Wii and GameCube games.
Note 7

This Is Where The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Disappoints

The Galaxy Note 7 debuted with a slew of impressive specs and features. However, there is one aspect of the new phablet that is disappointing when compared with the one found in the Galaxy S7 Edge.