Teleton USA 2013 is in full swing. The 28-hour event began last night and will continue tonight until Sunday Dec. 15 in the hope that the organization will be able to raise over 15 million dollars to help children who are ill and disabled. Latin celebrities Don Francisco and Lucero along with Jorge Ramos, Galilea Montisco and Raul Gonzalez are hosting the event. Using the slogan "Heroes with a Heart" Celebrities like Carlos Vives, Thalia, Daddy Yankee, Daniela Romo, Jesse & Joy, and many more will perform at various venues to help raise money.

Last night La Marina performed in Washington Heights, New York in front of energetic crowds. Thalia also performed last night lending her voice to the cause aiding children who are ill, disabled and have autism. Images from Teleton USA 2013 show excited crowds and even more excited performers doing their part to help those in need. The current amount of money raised so far totals $2,612, 991.00. "It's a blessing. It makes me realize the privilege of giving what I have," said Teleton USA host Raúl Gonzalez to the media. "Helping your neighbor is the essence of life."

Over 100 Latin celebrities and TV personalities will come out over the next two days to support Teleton USA 2013. This is the second annual Teleton and perform Daddy Yankee recently spoke with about his participation and performance. "You feel like a tool to try and make life better for all these children and at the end of the day the mission here is to raise the most money for all children. I hope that the impact of all the artists and all public figures be higher to raise as much money as possible."

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