The first Tesla Model S fire must have been a freak accident. The second Tesla Model S fire involved a driver that fled the scene and was later charged for drinking and driving. But a third Tesla Model S fire? Some are starting to believe Tesla Motors is running out of excuses and there must be, gasp, something inherently wrong with the universally adored Model S.

The third Tesla Model S fire occurred on November 6 in Smyrna, Tennessee. According to reports, the driver of the Tesla Model Sfailed to notice a sizable tow hitch lying on the road until it was too late. The metal object struck the vehicle and punctured the armor plating that protects the battery array.

Curiously, at least one other Tesla Model S fire was caused by a similar incident. The first Tesla fire that occurred in Seattle, Washington, was caused by a collision with a large metal object that was left on the road. Once again, the impact punctured the battery array and caused a blaze. In all three Tesla fire incidents, no serious injuries were reported.

The driver of the third Tesla Model S that caught on fire is Juris Shibayama. According to Shibayama, a rusty three-pronged trailer hitch was discovered on the middle of the road. Before Shibayama could react, the Tesla Model S had struck the trailer hitch so violently that the Model S was lifted from the ground and even left a deep gouge on the tarmac where the hitch once was. 

“I am thankful to God that I was totally uninjured in any way from this impact," said Shibayama. "Had I not been in a Tesla, that object could have punched through the floor and caused me serious harm.”

“While driving after I hit the object until I pulled over, the car performed perfectly, and it was a totally controlled situation. There was never a point at which I was anywhere even close to any flames,” Shibayama added. Miraculously, the strong blaze never reached the cabin and Shibayama even noted that he could unlock the car after the firefighters arrived.

“I would buy another one in a heartbeat,” Shibayama said of the Tesla Model S. Despite the series of unfortunate events, it seems like the Tesla customers are as loyal to the young electric automaker as ever.

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