CORRECTION: This article previously stated that 2007 Texas legislation made it legal for concealed handgun license holders to carry their weapons in their vehicles.  In fact, the law made it legal for handgun owners who did not possess a concealed handgun license to carry their weapons in their vehicles.

In September, Texas will begin enforcing a new law passed at the end of May which will require universities to allow students to keep guns and ammunition on campuses as long as they are properly licensed and locked in the trunk or glove compartment of a car.  Schools will still be able to decide whether students can carry their weapons openly on campus or in the classroom.  Texas was previously one of only 22 US states in which teachers and students at private and public universities were not permitted to carry licensed firearms inside of an institution's limits. The bill was one in a bundle of 12 which sought to ease restrictions on concealed carry weapons, proposed partly in response to efforts by Democrats and president Barack Obama to pass federal gun control legislation in the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut school shootings.


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Republican Rep. Allen Fletcher, the author of the bill, previously indicated that the legislation was intended to guarantee protection during shootings, saying that it was not meant to encourage people to be heroes.  John Woods, a board member of gun advocacy group Texas Gun Sense and current doctoral candidate at the University of Texas, issued a statement saying, "I have owned guns before, and I support the Second Amendment, but putting guns in classrooms is crazy."  Woods' girlfriend, Maxine Turner, was killed during the shooting at Virginia Tech six years ago.

1.      There is no waiting period required in the purchasing of a firearm in Texas.

Eleven states require a waiting period between the time a firearm is purchased and when it can legally come into the hands of the purchaser.  Some of them have what's known as a "cooling off" period, meant to guard against acts of impulsive violence, while other states impose a waiting period in order to give law enforcement time to perform a background check. 

2.      It's a "castle doctrine" state.

The term gets its name from a 17th-century English common law - "a man's home is his castle".  It means that if a person tries to force entry into a resident's dwelling, the resident can lawfully use deadly force against them.  Governor and former GOP presidential hopeful Rick Perry made this law in 2007, along with a clause stipulating that a person who defends themselves with firearms has no obligation to retreat before being considered legally justified in shooting.

3.      You can carry a concealed handgun in your car without a special permit.

Another piece of Rick Perry-approved legislation made it okay for handgun owners who did not possess a concealed handgun license to carry their weapons in their vehicles. 

4.      Assault weapons are legal.

5.      Open carrying of a firearm is not legal.