Thanksgiving 2014 is just around the corner. No doubt you will be thinking about your Thanksgiving meal: getting ready to roast that turkey, mash those potatoes and get out the cranberry sauce. But this year why not try something a little unusual? Stores around the country are experimenting with some odd and interesting ideas for Thanksgiving-themed edibles. From turkey cupcakes to gravy donuts, these five items are sure to at least provide a welcome break from tradition and perhaps even a tasty treat with your favorite thanksgiving flavors.

1.Turkey Ice Cream. According to Foodbeast, you can now get turkey flavored ice cream! Portland's Salt & Straw has come up with some extreme ice cream treats whithc include Salted Caramel Thanksgiving Turkey, Apple Cranberry Stuffing and Mincemeat Pie. In case you were wondering, the ice cream can be ordered online until November twenty-ninth. 2. Turkey Cranberry Cupcake. LA based Yummy Cupcakes is taking the cupcake craze to an all new level with Pumpkin Pie and Turkey Cranberry Gravy cupcake. You never know.

3. Thanksgiving Croissant. David Chang and Christina Tosi's Momofuku MilkBar is known for its innovation when it comes to sweet treats. So its no suprise that the store offers a french twist on an American tradition with its croissant stuffed with turkey, cranberry and gravy. 4. Turkey Dinner Layer Cake. Ever wanted to have your whole Thanksgiving meal in one cake? Now you can thanks to this recipe. With layers of stuffing, ground turkey and mashed potato icing, this is sure to turn heads - and maybe stomachs. 5. Turkey Gravy Donuts. Hannukkah and Thanksgiving happen to fall together this year: Zucker Bakery has made a culinary combination of the two including spiced pumpkin donust with turkey and cranberry or gravey filling.