The North American Leaders summit concluded today and, unsurprisingly, Mexicans have gotten very creative with their memes. The funny pictures featuring President Obama and President Enrique Peña Nieto spread across Mexican social media today. Memes revolved around Obama's chorizo comments and the fact that the city of Toluca seemed to have been transformed in two weeks for the President's arrival, creating a false impression of the impoverished city. 

Joking aside, the summit was an important moment of discussion for the three leaders. In regards to Mexico's oil reforms, it was clear that the topic was going to be important for all three leaders, as indicated by Harper in his previous meeting with Peña Nieto: "You are reforming your country in an incredible fashion, including energy policy," he told the Mexican President. Obama followed suit: "I want to congratulate President Peña Nieto for the extraordinary effort he has made this year in reforms that promise to make Mexico more competitive."

In closing, President Peña Nieto stated that his goal was to take Northamerica to a new level of competiveness on a global scale. The idea, he maintained, is to "initiate a prosperity that is shared and inclusive." Comments from the Amrican embassy revealed that a meeting of North American Energy Ministers will be called to "define the areas of trilateral cooperation in regards to energy." Now, back to something a little lighter - how about those memes?!