The news that FIFA may punish Mexico because their fans have allegedly committed acts of discrimination or homophobia in Tricolor matches against Brazil and Cameroon, shouting "Puto" to the opposing goalie on each kick, has originated some hilarious memes. Almost everyone has made an appearance in this series of memes, from Chicharito to Buzz Lightyear. It is a classic example of Mexican sense of humor taking a funny twist on something serious.

Puto has become pretty common at World Cup matches. However, whether or not the slur is homophobic has been a serious topic for debate. Many argue that 'Puto' is a common swear word in Mexican Spanish. However, as Glaad media expalins,  "Anti-LGBT slurs are still commonly used by soccer fans in stadiums around the world, from London to Mexico City. In addition to anti-gay cheers, recent reports indicate that t-shirts are being produced in Brazil that feature anti-LGBT slurs."

FIFA  is still launching an official investigation however regarding El Tri's behavior at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Mexico's fans can be very vocal and outspoken in their support of “El Tri,” The fans have gotten particularly vocal given Mexico's surprising performance: El Tri went 1 up agains Cameroon and managed to stave off a Brazilian attack to ensure a tie. Whether or not the slur can be called homophobic, El Tri fans insist they are just showing their support.