"People like to be scared" was Alfred Hitchcock's theory on why audiences love to go to the movies and pay money just to be screaming their lungs out. Other studies suggest our fascination with horror movies comes from the adrenaline rush we get while being in an arguably safe place. To some, it's the same sensation as riding a rollercoaster. Horror movies are essential in the life of all teenagers. Watching that scary movie that mom prohibited when we were kids makes it so much more interesting. For Latinos, this is the second most popular genre in the box office -- second to action flicks -- so, to an extent, it is our fault so many gory sequels and remakes get done.

For this Friday the 13th we thought of making a list of the top 13 horror movies of all time, according to the staff of Latin Times, but then we came with the usual suspects so the compilation would've been another typical list ranging from "Psycho" to "Halloween" and "The Last House On The Left". So we decided to do what we do best: talk about our Latin culture and come up with 13 essential horror movies from Latin America. Granted, the homework was not easy. As we know, the irony of the horror genre is that we love it but we don't know how to make good scary movies. 

Luckily we found some exceptions, 13 to be exact. From the exotic and once forbidden gore fest "Alucarda" by Juan López Moctezuma, to the baroque masterpieces by Guillermo del Toro, the effective suspense of Carlos Enrique Taboada, and a phenomenal suspense movie from Argentina that features Faye Dunaway's most effective and unknown performance, these are 13 wonderful horror movies from our countries that you can't miss. All of them are available in Amazon Video, Netflix, Apple TV and, in the case of a couple of selections, you can order them from Amazon.com. Would you dare?