The World Cup is the pinnacle moment for soccer. The world not only unites as one to celebrate the international sport, but cheers on their national teams as they battle it out on the field in an effor to walk away with the coveted FIFA World Cup Trophy. This year, which celebrates the 20th FIFA World Cup, the games will be held in Brazil, and are set to begin on June 12 concluding over a month later on July 13. The 2014 World Cup is the second time that Brazil has hosted the soccer competition. The first time was in 1950. Despite Brazil only hosting the competition two times, the host country’s national team has won the FIFA World Cup five times, in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and most recently in 2002. Brazil’s impressive number of titles, marks them as the most successful national soccer teams. They are so successful in fact that in 1970, following Brazil’s third victory, FIFA allowed them to keep the Jules Rimet Trophy permanently.

Despite the storied success of Brazil, the World Cup is a competition in which anything can happen, and the underdog teams always have a shot. The month-long competition features 32 teams, which are separated into five separate categories: the AFC, the CAF, the CONCACAF, the CONMEBOL and the UEFA. The most exciting part of watching the World Cup is watching the upsets and staggering elimination rounds, and of course, the underdogs.

While the stars of national teams, like Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo and Uruguay’s Luis Suarez, draw large crowds to the TV sets and stadiums, it is the underdogs that tend to change the course of World Cup history. That’s why we have collected an outstanding group of 25 rather unknown players to watch throughout the tournament. These underdogs may not be well-known to the bandwagon soccer fans who tend to jump onboard in time for the World Cup, and they most certainly don’t have their picture on the cover of Vogue España, but what the lack in publicity, they make up in pure talent.

Click through the slideshow, and check out the top 25 unknown players to watch in the 2014 World Cup. Be sure to pick your favorite underdog and track the progress of his team through the competition. If you think we missed someone, let us know by commenting in the comments section below!