A good dose of Latin music always helps your soul. When you're happy you have a little bit of pop with some tropical rhythms that will help you carry on through the day. If you want to party you get all these urban artists that have made their way into the popular culture mixing their raw street style with some "americanized" beats, but still never lose their Latin flare. If you're sad it's all about the lyrics. And somehow you end up finding the perfect song that describes exactly how you feel, lock yourself up in your bedroom and cry while the song is on repeat. Until you get over whatever it was made you sad, and you realize your favorite song was the most ridiculous track ever. And of course, the love ballads. All the serenades (because Latinos are over the top like that when it comes to getting the girl) and dedications, and "baby this song reminds me of you," or "let's make this our song." Yes, those Latin love ballads have the power to make you the king or queen of your significant other with their heartfelt melodies and the lyrics that were written in the most beautiful prose, combined with the tender voices of the Latino balladists.

Latin music has many genres, many styles, many performers, and many, many songs. To narrow it down to only 35 songs meant leaving a lot of great music out, but we took into consideration great hits that topped the charts for many weeks in the U.S and internationally, and other hits that weren't so popular in the charts, but somehow ended up in all the parties, radio stations, mp3's, and we couldn't get out of our heads.

Take into consideration that this songs are only from the year 2000 up until now. Of course, we know that there are many Latin classics that deserve another list of their own (we're working on that!) but for now, this is what we've done for you.

To add to the list, we've also created a playlist for your enjoyment. And of course, we know there's a song you totally love and think should be on the list, so why not, let us know in the comment section which one you think has been the best Latin song from 2000 to 2013.