The Toyota FT-1 Concept is easily the most exciting car at the Detroit Auto Show. According to Toyota,  the FT-1 represents the "ultimate expression of a Toyota coupe design." To the industry, the FT-1 represents the beginning of the future rebirth of the Supra. Now, Polyphony has announced that the FT-1 will be available on Gran Turismo 6 as a free DLC package scheduled for January 24.

“In addition to the creation of the FT-1 in GT6, Toyota is also represented in the groundbreaking Vision Gran Turismo project," wrote Gran Turismo. "A celebration of the franchise’s 15th anniversary, the project invites leading brands to design their vision of the future of driving. The resulting concepts will be released exclusively on GT6 later in the year.”

Of course, Polyphony recreates dream cars with meticulous detail. For example, the Toyota FT-1 will demonstrate its retractable rear wings in Gran Turismo 6 and even tilt forward for additional downforce in response to the button inputs.

"The FT-1 is a dream-project for a designer and car enthusiast like myself,” said Alex Shen, Calty’s Studio Chief Designer. “Our team was heavily influenced by Toyota’s sports car past, especially Celica and Supra, and we sought to capture some of that history.  It is an aggressive, track-focused sports car concept with a presence that has been amplified for shock and awe.” 

Despite the Toyota FT-1's availability on Gran Turismo 6, performance specs (and performance points) regarding the FT-1 are unknown. That said, Polyphony invited Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda to have a go in the computer-generated FT-1 for a virtual lap around Fuji Speedway. Surprisingly, Tooda's laptime in the FT-1 was good enough to beat Akio Toyoda's best rear time in a Lexus LFA supercar.

The Toyota FT-1 will be available in Free DLC tomorrow, January 14th. Be sure to watch the Gran Turismo 6 promo trailer of the Toyota FT-1 below: