The Toyota FT-86 Open Concept will join a sporty Toyota Prius C, a FCV, and a FV2 eco concept for an exciting debut at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. Toyota isn't committed to the FT-86 Open Concept yet, but strong reactions from the crowd at Tokyo should sway Toyota execs to make a decision very soon. 

The Toyota FT-86 Open Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show will sport an attention grabbing "Flash Red" paint job that resembles the Scion FR-S "Firestorm." Mechanically, ignoring the folding soft top, the FT-86 is essentially identical with the current Toyota GT 86 / Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ. At this point, even if Toyota gives the FT-86 a greenlight for production, it is unclear whether it will be available for the North American market.

Beyond the Toyota FT-86 Open Concept, Toyota is also excited to introduce its new hydrogen fuel cell FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) concept. Toyota aims to apply hydrogen energy to motivate an electric powertrain. In fact, Toyota claims the exterior design of the FCV is intended to capture the essence of transforming of air and water into electricity. The Toyota FCV Concept will feature a hydrogen fuel cell stack with two storage tanks. According to Toyota, the FCV will have a modest range of just about 310 miles. 

Next, the Toyota FV2 looks like a futuristic recumbent bicycle. The Toyota FV2 Concept is a one-person, three-wheeled concept that allows a driver to turn by shifting body weight side to side, eliminating the need for a steering wheel. Designed to be used like a recreational toy, the FV2 Concept also features voice and facial recognition technology to interpret the driver's mood. The FV2 can also learn a person's driving style over time. But wait, there's more. As a final party piece, the FV2 is capable of changing its body color at will.

Finally, the "Aqua G Sports" concept is a special Toyota Prius C hybrid that is fully tuned by Toyota performance partner Gazoo Racing. None of the specs on the performance model are released. 

Stay tuned as we learn more about Toyota's latest concepts in the weeks ahead. The 2013 Tokyo Motor Show begins on November 20.

toyota-fcv-concept-tokyo-motor-show-2013_100445019_l Toyota FCV Concept Toyota toyota-fv2-concept-tokyo-motor-show-2013_100445020_l Toyota FV2 Concept Toyota toyota-prius-c-sports-concept-2013-tokyo-motor-show_100445583_l Toyota Prius C Sport Concept Toyota

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