Enrique Peña Nieto is the cover boy of the latest edition of Time magazine which has caused social media outrage due to its "Saving Mexico" headline. The title alludes to the Mexican president's alleged effort in battling with drugs and violence, but the perception that Mexican citizens have of him contrast drastically with the story. The article is obviously trying to paint him in a good light, but sadly the reality is completely different and that is what has caused the uproar on the social networks. 

Users on Twitter becamse creative and mocked the magazine cover substituting "Saving" for words like selling, slaying, starving and fu**ing, which are words more apt to their reality. Time magazine allegedly is supposed to have credibility due to its legacy, but has lost all those efforts for many readers after this cover. Other memes poke fun of the various Mexican presidents the magazine has featured, most from the same political party that reigned for decades and devastated its citizens. One harsh rendering was comparing Peña Nieto to Hitler and even George Bush. Scroll-through our photo gallery above and see how Twitter users have expressed their anger.

Mexico has the right to feel outraged over this headline as kidnappings have risen during Peña Nieto's tenure. Statistics from the National Security System sugged that kindnappings climbed to achieve an all-time high during the first eight months of this new administration. According to journalist Humberto Padgett, author of "Jauria," kidnapping is a lucrative industry in Mexico. “Everybody makes money, except the family that sees its daily life fatally interrupted,” the journalist, who spent two years investigating kidnappers and police, as well as speaking with victims, he said.