We are delighted to report that the Miami Beach Police Department arrested Justin Bieber Thursday morning after responding to an illegal street race that occurred at 4:09 a.m. According to reports, a street in south Florida was blocked off to allow a drag race between a red Ferrari and a yellow Lamborghini Gallardo, which was driven by the 19-year-old musician.

Police described the street that Bieber was racing on as a palm-tree-lined residential street in mid-Miami Beach. One side of the street are small apartment buildings while the opposite side was a high school, a youth center, a golf course, and a city firehouse.

According to Miami Dade-Police spokesman Sgt. Bobby Hernandez, Justin Bieber failed his sobriety test during the traffic stop following the illegal street race. Unfortunately for the Biebs, authorities cuffed him and had taken him to the Miami Beach police station for a Breathalyzer and processing. The driver of the red Ferrari was also arrested. Both the red Ferrari and the yellow Lamborghini have been towed.

Interestingly, Justin Bieber was rumored to play the role of Brian O'conner in the Fast and Furious movie franchise following the death of Paul Walker. Bieber's Thursday morning arrest for drag racing and DUI demonstrates once again that reality is stranger than fiction.

Earlier this month, Justin Bieber's home was searched by California authorities after his neighbor suffered egg-tossing vandalism that caused thousands of dollars in damage to the home. California detectives are looking through surveillance footage to determine whether or not Bieber was involved in the act. Officials said Bieber has been cooperative with the investigation.

Without further ado, here is Justin Bieber's mug shot following his arrest:

justin bieber mug This mug shot of Justin Bieber was taken following his arrest for illegal street racing and DUI. Miami/Dade Police Department

Check out this video of the aftermath of the Thursday morning drag race below: