Today fans of both the USA national team and the Belgian national soccer team prepare for their round of 16 game. And I am starting to feel like a traitor solely based on the fact that I ate waffles for breakfast this morning. The Internet, and more specifically Twitter has erupted in a frenzy of funny memes and jokes, focused on Belgians most famous breakfast food—waffles.

So while the hilarious fan art, that mainly includes USA captain Clint Dempsey riding on some sort of enormous bad eagle, piercing through a stack of Belgian waffles, there is still a game to be played. And if USA soccer fans want to make even more hilarious Internet memes for the quarterfinals of the 2014 World Cup, then Dempsey and the whole team must have a spectacular performance.

The USA team has started a frenzy of fans to become futbol obsessed due to their odd deafening advancement to the Round of 16. USA defeated Ghana, and then tied with Portugal, shocking both fans and experts and advancing out of the group stage. Although the group stage wasn’t all celebrations for the USA, their final game against Germany resulted in a 1-0 loss and exposed some of the young team’s limitations.

Now with the absence of striker Jozy Altidore who was injured in the pervious match, the USA will have to play well if they are to beat Belgium. However, if the USA does beat Belgium, it will be the clubs first time in the World Cup quarterfinals since 2002.

USA vs. Belgium will kick off today at 4:00 p.m. in Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador. Click out through the gallery above to see all of best Internet memes that Twitter can offer, and for even more quality laughs before the match begins this afternoon, scroll down to watch the best vines and read the funniest tweets from your fellow fans.