Watch Alexander Skarsgard Go Full Frontal Naked On 'True Blood' Season Finale [PHOTOS AND VIDEO]

SPOILER ALERT: If you didn't watch the "True Blood" season finale, "Radioactive," last night then you missed a male vamp go fully naked -- full frontal, actually -- by the end of the episode. Alexander Skarsgard, who plays bad-boy vampire, Eric Northman, lost all his clothes for a very revealing and critical moment of the hit-HBO show which aired Sunday, Aug. 18.

WARNING SPOILER ALERT: Do not read any further if you do not want to know what happens in the season six finale of "True Blood."

The 36-year-old 6'4 Swedish actor showed his full body when Eric burst into flames while enjoying a good book in snowy Sweden -- completely in the nude.

Although some of the flames helped cover Skarsgard's body he still showed off a substantial portion of his man parts as he leapt off the chaise lounge chair and dashed towards the camera. The camera cut away before Eric's fate was revealed, though fans are speculating that Skarsgard's character could have survived the ordeal.

Earlier in the episode, big-bad vampire Warlow was in pursuit of Sookie Stackhouse to make her his faerie-vampire bride. Unfortunately, for Warlow, a turn of events led Sookie's brother Jason to drive a stake through his chest, killing him off the show.

However, with Warlow's death all the vampires appeared to lose the gift to walk around in the daylight, which was fine for the vamps in Bon Temp where it was night but for Skarsgard's character Eric, who was on the other side of the globe where it was day and he happened to be enjoying a nice sun bath when he lost his ability to day walk leading to his fiery demise. Catch the clip taken by Anna Camp, Sarah Newlin, below.

Do you think Eric Northman is really gone for good?

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