Memo Ochoa has played the game of his life during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in a match that pit México against Brazil. The 28-year-old goalkeeper showed off his skills in majestic, impressive and out-of-this-world saves in a match that ended up in a 0-0 draw. Ochoa showed off his skills early on in the game and Neymar shot on goal in what could've been the first goal of the day, but Memo's fast reflexes had him jumping in the air and blocking the block from crossing the line. It was the second-half of the game where México started experiencing more problems when Ochoa started receiving many opportunities to score. With Memo jumping left and right, most thought a 1-up from Brazil was not too far away. Scroll-through the photo gallery above with Memo Ochoa's amazing saves!

Superhero Memo didn't allow Brazil to cheer a goal as he made save after save, giving México hope that they could actually win the difficult match. Ochoa was like a wall and no ball kicked from the opposing team got past him. There were a couple of balls that were very close, but Memo's great reflections and fast-thinking blocked them again saving México. Now all the El Tri fans are calling im a saint, juxtaposing his head on top of a Superman image, illustrating him as a wall, making him a new religious symbol and even postulating him for the Mexican presidency. The latter seems to be a little too much, but they make for hilarious memes in social media. It is an epic moment in Guillermo's career and it's one for the history books. We have compiled some of the best GIFs from his multiple saves so you can relive them over and over and over and over again. See Memo Ochoa's best saves in looping form down below!