When Is Veterans Day 2017? 6 Things To Know About The Federal Holiday

1) When Is Veterans Day? Veterans Day is November 11. In 2017, Veterans Day falls on a Saturday.

2) Why Do We Celebrate Veterans Day? Veterans Day is not about shopping, free meals, or banking. It’s a time to reflect on the service of veterans. But after calling your favorite vets, celebrating the history of veterans and traveling to veterans cemeteries you might want to do a little shopping, eating and check cashing. What is open on Veterans Day, and what is closed? What kind of deals can Vets and their families find?

What is closed on Veteran’s day?

3) Banks Closed: Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to your local bank on Veterans Day? Sorry to have to tell you this but the tellers have the day off too. Of course there’s still a lot of banking we can do online.

4) Government Offices Closed: aside from essential services like police, fire and trash -- most government offices are closed on Veterans Day.

Veterans Day Deals!

5) Freebies: Free meals is a popular promotion on Veterans Day.

6) Deals: Veterans can do more that stuff their face at a discount on Veterans Day. They can also stuff their shopping bags. Malls are usually open on Veterans Day, and try to snag the idol shopping traffic with competitive discounts.

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