Seven white lion cubs have been born to a zoo in Japan during the last month. Three different lions at the Himeji Central Park Zoo have given birth to white lion cubs. The latest litter of white lion cubs are just about nine-days old and will go on public display later next week, the Daily Mail reports.

The three sets of white lion cubs were born to three female South African lions on June, 6, 26 and 30. The cubs were shown to the press on Tuesday in all their adorable glory. According to the Mail there are only 300 white lions around the world. A white lion cub can only be born through inbreeding.

The Mail also reports that the white lion cubs are the first of their kind to be born in Western Japan. The white coat trait is a result of a recessive gene shared by both the cub's parents.

Wild white lions are native to the Greater Timbavati region of South Africa. Although the scientific community considers the wild white lion extinct due to the hunting of males for sport and their depleted gene pool.

Research into the rare white lion will continue with the help of the new cubs born in Japan.


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