Eiza González went from obscurity to the height of fame for being in the right place at the right time this past weekend. After the official announcement that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth broke off their engagement, a name has been tied to the Australian actor and it's none other than Mexican actress Eiza. In the Latin world, González is known as a telenovela star who started her career in 2007 when she was handpicked by "Rebelde" producer Pedro Damián for his followup series "Lola... Érase una vez." Eiza was able to become an overnight sensation not only as the lead actress of this new telenovela, but was also the lead vocalist of the band formed within the series.

After finishing her duties as "Lola," Eiza decided to focus on her musical career and released "Contracorriente" in 2008. With this album, Eiza wanted to let people know she was in charge of her faith with lead single "Mi Destino Soy Yo" (I Am My Destiny). Gonzalez felt she had a lot to prove as she is the daughter of former model and artist manager Glenda Reyna. In 2010 she is selected by Nickelodeon Latin America to star in a brand new series being filmed in Buenos Aires, Argentina, titled, "Sueña conmigo." In this novela, she would play a "Hannah Montana-esque" character, where she plays Clara Molina, a girl that wants to be famous but faces adversity from her parents and creates an alter ego named "Roxy Pop."

During her time in Argentina she was linked to Alejandro Fernández and rumor had it that she was staying at his place while shooting her series in the South American country. When she released her follow up album in 2011, her lead single "Te acordarás de mi" (You Will Remember Me) was said to be about their relationship. It was also during this time that Eiza admitted to having a nose job and went public, posting a picture on her Twitter account and in an interview on Televisa morning show, "Hoy." It was around this time that she was also linked to suffering from anorexia as her physique started looking more frail. By the end of 2012 it was extremely evident that Eiza was not the same girl that we knew as "Lola." In 2012, González was offered one of the lead roles for "Amores verdaderos" (True Love) where she would play a girl going through anorexia and bulimia. The obvious questions to the actress was if she was going through the same symptoms, which she has always denied. The actress said that her appearance was for her role on television and her health and diet was being monitored by a doctor.

Over the past couple of years, Eiza's love life has made the headlines in the Mexican tabloids. One of her longest relationships was with Pepe Díaz, a businessman the starlet started dating in 2011. About a year later they had a fall out and they hinted at a breakup on Twitter, but a couple weeks later it was all dandy between the two. It was less than a month later when they allegedly broke up again, but they quickly reconciled. Their third break up happened around October of 2012 when it seemed that it was finally over, but they were able to resolve their issues once again. Earlier this year, while filming "Amores verdaderos" it was once again reported that the couple was not together anymore, but soon after they were at it again. Doesn't this remind you of another tumultuous relationship between an ex-child star and a certain Australian actor? González and Díaz rekindled their romance but in August the actress wrote this on her Twitter, "I have been single for over a month! I feel happy closing a cycle because the one that is coming is incredible that has me really excited." Eiza was hinting at her move to Los Angeles and her quest for Hollywood stardom.

A couple of months before their most Eiza is now linked to Miley Cyrus' ex-boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth when they were both spotted having a good time in Las Vegas over the weekend. Let's just hope Cyrus doesn't take offense her ex-fianceé is moving on too quickly. If she does, Eiza is up for a Twitter brawl as she has done before with "The Cheetah Girls 2" star, Belinda. The latter also had a fling with Pepe and both starlets are not too fond of each other. Earlier this year Eiza posted a picture of an Alexander McQueen jacket, followed by Belinda posting her own picture of the same jacket. Eiza responded by saying, "Could you be more on top of everything I do?" To which Belinda indirectly replied, "While you're just arriving. I have already made three trips and came back." 

Scroll-through the gallery above and check out Eiza's evolution from ugly ducling to Hollywood princess. 

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