The closing ceremony of the World Cup Brazil 2014 before the final at the Maracana between Germany and Argentina lasted a toe-tapping 18 minutes and featured a "tribute to football" by artists such as Shakira, Mexican guitarist Carlos Santana and rapper Wyclef Jean. The peformance took place in Rio de Janeiro stadium involving some guest artists, including Brazilians Ivete Sangalo, Carlinhos Brown and Alexandre Pires. 

The organizers defined the show, which began at 14.20 local time as a "tribute to football." According to FIFA, the goal was to lift the party flags of freedom, solidarity, passion and diversity. The 32 teams that competed in the World Cup finals were represented at the Maracana, especially  the two finalists. With Rio de Janeiro as a backdrop, the key was the samba rhythm, so a special participation from the Academicos do Grande Rio was key.

The three songs of the show were "Dare" with Shakira and Carlinhos Brown, "Dar Um Jeito - We Will Find a Way", which was the official song of the World Cup and was sung by Alexandre Pires, Wyclef and Santana, and a medley of music in which brasileiras Alexandre Pires e Ivete Sangalo participated. "Brazil receives the world and tells the world that everyone is welcome. People leave here after meeting our people and experience our hospitality," said Carlinhos Brown.