Alex Rodriguez Extortion: Ex Lover Is Threatening To Expose Private Messages, Demanding $600k

Jlo A-Rod
A-Rod is dealing with a problematic ex! The woman claims Rodriguez still contact her while dating Jennifer Lopez. Photo: Getty Images

Now that A-Rod and Jlo is the favorite couple of the moment, people with bad intentions will look for a way to profit at all costs from that union. While Lopez and Rodriguez are blending their families on walks and weekends in the swimming pool, unpleasant characters from the past are trying to create damages.

According to TMZ reports, Alex is dealing with a problematic woman. She is demanding from Rodriguez the large sum of $600k in exchange of keeping in private the compromising messages that supposedly exist of a non-formal relationship that both had in 2014.

Apparently, this is not the first time the woman asks for money from the now retired baseball player, after the separation, she continued contacting him to ask minor amounts, which were never delivered.

When the alleged ex saw in the news he was having a relationship with Jennifer Lopez, she tried again, but this time with threats.

The Enquirer alleges that the woman is Fitness model Lauren Hunter, and A-Rod has been sexting Hunter in secret. They also wrote he offered to pay Hunter $20,000 for a threesome with another woman.

According to the source of TMZ, the woman tries to expose messages in which Rodriguez allegedly was still contacting her while dating Jennifer. The source also confirmed that he will not give a penny, and his legal team is preparing to go to the police if the woman continues threatening him.

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