Baseball Player Donates $5K By Mistake After Miss Dominican Republic Pledge To Go To Miss Universe

Miss Dominican Republic 2016
Miss Dominican Republic 2016 Sal Garcia just started a fund campaign to finance her participation in Miss Universe 2017. @salgarcia1/@hairoRojas/Instagram

New York  Mets pitcher Rafael Montero – who donated as Michael Montero – selected the wrong amount when he attempted to help Miss Dominican Republic 2016 Sal Garcia’s funding campaign to go to Miss Universe.

When Montero tried to donate US$50.00 he wrongly typed US$5,000. Usually, banks in the United States alerts their clients when they find suspicious activities in their accounts, and this was the case according to the athlete.

His bank canceled the transaction and tried to confirm if it was a legit action. While the baseball player was trying to fix his mistake, the Miss Dominican Republic Organization owner, Magali Febles, claimed the platform they were using to receive the money was failing. 

The official Instagram account of the Miss Dominican Republic Organization started an exhaustive search over social media posting an image that reads: “If anyone knows #MichaelMontero please help us to contact him.”

When the pitcher realized the chaos he was involved in, he apologized and sent a message on the Helping Sal Garcia funding page. “I tried to donate US$ 50.00 at the beginning and by mistake I wrote US$5,000. My bank sent me an alert and cancelled the high amount.  I apologize for any inconvenience that I may have caused you. Good luck and remember that 'Nothing was ever achieved without enthusiasm.' Do not allow any rock on your road to kill your enthusiasm,” he wrote.

Sal Garcia Campaign Baseball Player Donates Wrong Amount To Miss Dominican Republic Cause. Latin Times / Give Forward

Hours later, the Miss Dominican Republic Organization official Instagram account posted the image thanking Michael Montero. “Thanks to #michaelmontero for clarifying, God blesses each contribution, let’s keep fighting!" they wrote.

Miss Dominican Republic 2016 Sal Garcia still needs money to complete the amount of US$21,000 needed. Even though she is a couple of hundred dollars away, she posted a video on social media, thanking all the love and support.

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