'The Bold And The Beautiful' Cast 2013: Andrés Zuno, Latino Singer And Actor, Becomes First Mexican In An American Soap

Andrés Zuno
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American soap "The Bold and the Beautiful" has been airing for 26 years and has won multiple awards, including the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series three years in a row (2009-2011), and now, for the first time, will include a Mexican in its cast.

Andrés Zuno is not a stranger to the cameras either, since he's already starred in the melodrama "Al Diablo con los Guapos." Now, the Mexican actor joined the American soap to bring a little bit of his Latin flavor to the small screen.

Zuno will play Rafael, a young New Yorker whose goal is to produce an internet series. In the path to achieving his dreams, he encounters an old friend from high school whom he helps reconnect with her ex-boyfriend.

"I'm the first Mexican to star in an American soap and it feels great. I'm very happy and excited and I'm glad that I can finally break the Latino stereotype because my character has nothing to do with that," the actor said.

For a few months, CBS' producers wanted to include this character into the story, and Zuno had to audition several times to finally get the part. After being chosen, he started to record his part in May, and a few weeks ago we were finally able to see his debut on American television.

"This is a very interesting character because both the writers and producers have been molding it according to the story, which makes him even more attractive," Zuno added of his part.

"Soaps in the United States are very tight and closed, it's an established community, and it's wonderful that there was this space for me. It's not an easy industry, it's not as broad as the movies. It was a hard process to go through, but I'm more than delighted to be a part of it."

The Bold and the Beautiful is the only soap that has a Guinness Record. Its international ratings success is unequaled in its genre. The series can be viewed on more than 45 broadcasters in over 110 countries. In the 66 countries and territories where there are scientific people-meter systems in place to measure television viewing audiences, The Bold and the Beautiful garnered 24.5 million viewers in 2008, a higher figure than any other telenovela or soap opera.

Besides his participation in The Bold and the Beautiful, Zuno is also a singer and has been working on his second album which is still in pre-production.

Nevertheless, he has already released his first single, "Cuando No Estás," that will also have an English version.

"This is a new proposal that I've been creating. Some previous are already uploaded to YouTube and people's responses have been very positive," highlighted Zuno.

The new album is a challenge for the multi-talented artist because it will include original material, a difference from his first production, which only included covers.


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