‘Breaking Bad’ Season 5 Gag Reel: Watch Hilarious Bloopers Of Bryan Cranston And The Cast!

"Breaking Bad" returns to AMC next Sunday at 9pm.

“Breaking Bad” is in the midst of its final episodes, and while it may be dark and dramatic, that doesn’t mean the cast doesn’t crack a smile on set every once in a while. Following the return of “Breaking Bad” last night on AMC, fans of the show could use a laugh and a joke from Bryan Cranston who portrays Walter White and the rest of the cast. Watch as Hank (Dean Norris) and Marie (Betsey Brandt) get along in the bloopers. Of course, Jesse (Aaron Paul) and Walter (Bryan Cranston) make nice and actually seem like friends, and Skyler (Anna Gunn) actually smiles!

Check out the gag-reel for season 5:

Watch “Breaking Bad” next Sunday at 9 on AMC for the final episodes of the series. And as the final season kicks off, fans are in for more fun from the dramatic show, the show creator Vince Gilligan revealed to fans that he is thrilled with the outcome of the final season, and happy with the conclusion of the epic series.

"Everyone in front of the lens and behind it is feeling pretty good," he said of the conclusion of the Walter White’s tale at Comic-Con.


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