Chico Monkey, Illegal Pet, Taken From Brazil Family After 40 Years With Them

Chico Monkey
A family is hoping to be reunited with their Capuchin monkey. creative commons

Community members in the city of Sao Carlos Brazil have gotten a petition together demanding the return of Chico the monkey to the family he has lived with for almost 40-years. Elizete Carmona is a 71-year-old woman from Brazil; she has cared for the tiny capuchin for the past 37-years.

Brazilian wildlife authorities received an anonymous tip about the Chico monkey. They removed the animal from its home and placed him in a nature reserve. In Brazil it is illegal to keep exotic animals as pets. Carmona told her local newspaper she did not know she was not allowed to keep the animal.

A friend gave Chico to Mrs. Carmona in 1976. The authorities allowed the monkey's owner to keep the animal until they found a more suitable place for him to live. The family that has been caring for Chico does not feel this new home will be in his best interest. The family is worried about Chico's health and eating habits in his new environment.

Ernani Furlan is one of Mrs. Carmona's sons. He spoke with the BBC about his mother's pet monkey. "He drank milk first thing in the morning and before going to bed. He loved carrots and ate them throughout the day. Will he be getting the same treatment over there?"

The family is hoping the petition signed by more than 4,000 people will be enough to get Chico returned to them.


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