Christian Pastor In Colombia Threatens To Kill Journalist Who Accused Him Of Fraud [VIDEO]

 Miguel Arrázola
The spiritual leader of the Christian church Ríos de Vida, in Colombia, Miguel Arrázola Photo: Screenshot / Youtube

The spiritual leader of the Christian church Ríos de Vida in Colombia, Miguel Arrázola, allegedly threatened to kill journalist Lucio Torres, after he accused the pastor of making millions of dollars at the expense of his congregation.

According to El Heraldo, the journalist published an article in which he said Arrázola receives US $67,000 a month, a number that according to him, exceeds the salary of any Colombian congressman.

The financial scheme of the pastor involves his wife and other relatives. After the accusations, the pastor reacted during a congregation event. "You should thank God that I am born new and that I have the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ in my heart, because [if I hadn't] you would be gone long time ago in the Ciénaga de la Virgen [water stagnant near Cartagena]" He said, "I send you Nigeria [Pastor's alleged bodyguard], that finishes you, he kills you,” added Arrázola referring to the journalist.

Arrázola, who is known in Colombia for his strong criticism of the government of President Juan Manuel Santos, denounced Torres before the Ombudsman's Office for "religious persecution."

In an interview with radio station W Radio, Édison Lucio Torres said he will file a criminal complaint against the pastor because he was worried about his life. "He [Arrázola] threatened to kill me. He said that if he were not a Christian, I would have been from the ground up in the Cienaga de la Virgen of Cartagena," said Torres.

In his social networks, Arrázola referred to the controversy saying that "it is not the first time that the leftist press is victimized by editing a video to incriminate me," he published on Facebook.

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