Daddy Yankee New Music Video: Watch Long Awaited ‘Ora Por Mi’ [VIDEO]

Daddy Yankee
Don't miss Daddy Yankee's long-awaited music video for his song "Ora Por Mi." Courtesy of Nevarez Communications

The long awaited music video for Daddy Yankee's new song, "Ora Por Mi" premiered today on VEVO, with a television premiere on Telemundo and Mun2. The video was filmed throughout various locations in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and is told from Daddy Yankee's perspective, taking a look back on his life starting from his childhood, into finding fame and success, and even a vision into the future on the day of his funeral. "Ora Por Mi," directed by Puerto Rican director, Christian Suao, shows the dark side to fame and the consequences of living your life in the public eye.

"This is a subject that many people will identify with. It's a confession, I talk about my dreams, my fears, and my struggles. Like when you think you have it all, you realize that not everything is as easy as it seems." explained Daddy Yankee. The “reggaetonero” has had a long career of achievements and milestones, including being named the "Most Influential Hispanic Artist of 2009" by CNN, and one of the 100 Most Influential in the World in 2006 by Time Magazine.

He's been active in the music scene since 1992, when he appeared on DJ Playero's mix tape, "Playero 36," but his first official studio project as a solo artist was released in 1995. Yankee has also been honored by Billboard Magazine as "Urban Latin Artist of the Decade," and the "Latin Album Artist of the Decade." He also broke another barrier for the Latin artist community by becoming the first Latin urban recording artist to guest star on CBS' The Bold and the Beautiful in 2010.

Daddy Yankee broke yet another record when his music video for "Limbo" surpassed 100 million views on VEVO. Most videos in the urban genre don't exceed 100 million views in under a year from their debut, but "Limbo" made it after 36 weeks of its release, reaching another milestone for the artist. Hopefully, “Ora Por Mi” will run with the same luck. The single is now available on iTunes and other digital platforms and will be part of the second edition of "King Daddy," which will be released later this year. Scroll down to take a look at Daddy Yankee’s brand new video for “Ora Por Mi.”

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