'Dia De Los Muertos' Disney Trademark Stopped By Grace Sesma Petitions; 17,000 Signatures Received

Grace Sesma has successfully gotten over 17,000 signatures to stop Disney from trademarking "Día De Los Muertos" Taken from Grace Sesma's websi

As reported yesterday Disney was reportedly attempting to trademark "Día De Los Muertos" or "Day of the Dead."

Well today they are receiving lots of backlash from the Latin community.

Grace Sesma of Nederland, Colo., has encouraged people to sign her petition on Change.org to put a stop to Disney "exploiting" Mexican tradition and religion.

"Our spiritual traditions are for everyone, not for companies like Walt Disney to trademark and exploit." Sesma Said. "I am deeply offended and dismayed that a family-oriented company like Walt Disney would seek own the rights to something that is the rightful heritage of the people of Mexico."

She continued, "I urge Robert A. Iger, Chairman/CEO and the entire Board of Directors to stop the procedure seeking trademark applications and their attempt to secure 'Dia de los Muertos' across multiple areas."

"Día De Los Muertos" is not about portraying the morbid aspect of death, but celebrating life, and appreciating the good times people had while on earth.  Sesma and many believe that Disney's proposed trademarks would negatively affect the livelihood of bakers, the work of artists and craftspeople, and of writers and educators.

"This is outragous! Companies like Walt Disney should not have the right to trademark and exploit Mexican culture such as the sacred day of Dia de los Muertos. It is to honor our ancestor and loved ones that have gone before us. I am outraged that they would trademark such an important day in our culture for which they have no knowledge. They are only interested in making a profit!!" Wrote Emilia Garcia of Santa Fe Springs, Calif.

Michelle Owens of Los Angeles, Calif., writes:

"I am an American living in Mexico and I have seen how beautiful and sacred this holiday is for this culture. It would be a complete and utter shame for anyone to exploit something so deeply-rooted and rich in culture."

Sesma has already gotten 17,000 signatures for the petition. 

To view the petition click here. 

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