Family Doctor Has Been Revamped: Stay Healthy With Approved Wellness Resources

The newly redesigned aims to help patients do just that. From comparing cold and flu symptoms to tips on how to begin exercising Joe Raedle/Getty provides new health and wellness information, in both English and Spanish. Hundreds of new patient-facing articles have been carefully reviewed by family physicians and patients. And it's that extra level of thoroughness that means patients can trust

"The experience is all about the patient," said American Academy of Family Physicians president, John Meigs, Jr., MD. "All content undergoes a rigorous review by a panel of board certified family physicians, so you can rest assured the content is top quality, up to date, and accurate."

Meigs adds, "Family physicians rely on to provide patients with information to take home after the office visit. The information the patient gets in the comfort of their own home is the same information we trust to give patients in the exam room."

Developed by the AAFP, offers articles that are written in conversational, easy-to-understand language. The evidence-based content concentrates on conditions most commonly treated by family physicians, as well as those with the greatest impact on population health.

"Whether you're looking for information on the latest health headlines or tips for getting and staying healthy, has you covered," Meigs said.

The redesign includes resources such as patient handouts, basic diagnosis and treatment information with an updated Symptom Checker, and all of the content is fully-functional on mobile devices.

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