George Zimmerman MySpace Page Surfaces, Reveals Racists Comments Calling Mexicans 'Wannabe Thugs'

George Zimmerman
George Zimmerman after he was declared not guilty. Inset has a picture of Zimmerman from an old MySpace profile.

Race was not a card that was used in the George Zimmerman trial, a man who shot and killed African American teen Trayvon Martin, but the accused does have a history of using racial slurs. An old MySpace profile page that belonged to Zimmerman surfaced and doesn't show the defendant in a positive light.

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In one of his posts he writes about not missing his home back in Manassas, Virginia: "I dont miss driving around scared to hit mexicans walkin on the side of the street, soft ass wanna be thugs messin with peoples cars when they aint around (what are you provin, that you can dent a car when no ones watchin) dont make you a man in my book. Workin 96 hours to get a decent pay check, gettin knifes pulled on you by every mexican you run into!”

Back in 2005 he was involved in another criminal case with an ex-girlfriend: "Im still free! The ex hoe tried her hardest, but the judge saw through it! Big Mike, reppin the Dverse security makin me look a million bucks, broke her down! Thanks to everyone for checkin up on me! Stay tuned for the A.T.F. charges......"

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Zimmerman continues to celebrate that his felony charges were reduced to misdemeanors: "2 felonies dropped to 1 misdemeanor!!!!!!!!!!! The man knows he was wrong but still got this hump, Thanks to everyone friends and fam, G baby you know your my rock!"

And another post suggested be was involved in a crime where he was not prosecuted, but put his friends behind bars: "They do a year and dont ever open thier [sic] mouth to get my ass pinched.”

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"Only To Be King Again" was his user name on the defunct site that Zimmerman's attorney confirmed was legitimate.

George Zimmerman was found not guilty in the second-degree murder of Trayvon Martin on Saturday (July 13), after an all-female jury delebirated for over 16 hours. Zimmerman claimed to have shot the teen in self-defense.

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