Gray Hair Cure? Scientists Have Discovered A Potential Cure For Gray Hair That Will Be Able To Reverse Color

Cure for Gray Hair
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Scientists have discovered a gray hair cure! Forget the dyes, scientists now have a more permanent way to rid your hair of grays.

According to Medical Daily, scientists have learned why we lose our hair color. New research discovered that gray hair occurs due to a buildup of hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicle, essentially causing the hair to bleach itself from the inside out.

Biologist Gerald Weissmann, editor-in-chief of "The Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology", stated, "Numerous remedies have been concocted to hide gray hair but now, for the first time, an actual treatment that gets to the root of the problem has been developed."

People that have gray hair have low levels of an enzyme called catalase, which helps break down hydrogen peroxide and relieve oxidative stress. Scientists then treated these patients with low enzyme levels by applying a cream containing "pseudo-catalase," the cream is activated by sunlight and effectively returns pigments in hair.

Based on this finding, scientists believe a similar cream, applied to the hair, could restore color to strands that have gone gray.



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