'GTA V' Online News: Unlimited Money Glitch Still Works On 1.06 Patch [TUTORIAL]


'GTA V' Online has had its fair share of problems. Rockstar Games recently installed its 1.06 patch for bug fixes and tuning. However, the 'Grand Theft Auto' Online game still contains a significant glitch which allows users to make unlimited money. The oversight by Rockstar allows users to make $15M 'GTA V' cash per hour. Rockstar has been calling the glitch an 'exploit,' but apparently they haven't been able to solve the problem which persists in the game.

As in the 'GTA V' Online 1.05 patch, this little exploit allows players to potentially sell their cars an unlimited amount of times and thus make virtually endless cash. Players can still duplicate expensive cars at the Los Santos Custom shop. The trick requires players to set up a spawn point near the store and switch back to story mode at the right time. Then you can go back to online mode and re-sell the car for more money. You can watch a video tutorial below. 

The amount of money you can generate is dependant on how much your car is worth in the first place: so you better get customizing to take advantage of this glitch. No comment yet from Rockstar on the issue.




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