'Hollywood Hillbillies': 'Gingers Have Souls' YouTube Kid Michael Kittrell Gets Reality Show That Takes His Georgia Family To LA [PHOTOS AND VIDEO]

Hollywood Hillbillies
Photo Credit: ReelzChannel
Photo Credit: ReelzChannel

Honey Boo Boo said it best: "You better redneckognize!" And TV is taking her advice on that since yet another family from rural Georgia is coming to reality television, with "Hollywood Hillbillies" set to debut in January 2014 on cable TV's ReelzChannel.

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Michael Kittrell is known as "The Angry Ginger" on YouTube, after he uploaded a video he made to protest a "South Park" episode that claimed redheads have no soul. The three-minute-clip went viral and gave the young man some serious recognition, so much that he was cast as the star of his own reality show.

Photo Credit: ReelzChannel

"I made a lot of money on my YouTube channel, and I saved it all from the past four years," Kittrell said. "I got my family with me to support me and help me while we all look for our place out here."

Joining Kittrell are his grandmother Delores Hughes, known as "Mema," his aunt, Dee Dee Peters, her boyfriend Paul Conlon, and Kittrell's uncle John Cox.

The show will follow the family as they move from Grayson, Georgia, to Hollywood.

"Hollywood has just gained some weight. Country has come to town, and we are two tons of fun, let me tell you," said Delores in an interview.

"We've put the fun in dysfunctional, I'm telling you," added Dee Dee Peters.


Photo Credit: ReelzChannel


As for what they plan to do in Los Angeles, the girls are planning to do lots of shopping, while Michael is expecting to find love.

"So if any ladies out there are looking, they're into redheads ... I'm definitely your man. I'm a tiger. I'm a lot of fun. I'm not the best‑looking guy, but I'm a lot of fun," he said.

In case you missed Kittrell's rise to stardom, we have it here just for you. Enjoy!

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