Jenni Rivera, 'La Tuta' Children Photo: Singer’s Close Relationship With Leader Of Knights Templar Cartel's Family Is Revealed! [VIDEO]

Jenni Rivera, Sayonara Gómez
Jenni Rivera is being accused of laundering money for The Knights Templar drug cartel and her close friendship with the kids of "La Tuta" one of the leaders of said cartel. YouTube/Ixchel Welt

Jenni Rivera can’t rest in peace. The late singer is in the middle of a new scandal making rounds on social media involving pictures of her hanging out with the son and daughter of Servando Gómez, known as “La Tuta,” one of the leaders of the Knights Templar Cartel. Militia group “Valor Por Michoacán,” the ones who also exposed Melissa Plancarte (Barbie Grupera/ La Princesa de la Banda) as the daughter of Enrique Plancarte Solís, another leader of said cartel, released a video that combined different photos and recordings of Sayonara Gómez and Huber Gómez, two of the children of “La Tuta,” and Jenni Rivera, and incriminated them of laundering money for the Knights Templar.

Apparently, Jenni and the kids had a very close relationship, with Sayonara even calling the late Diva de la Banda her “mom.” “At first sight, it’s just about two good friends that get together frequently and share other friends in common. However, she is Sayonara Gómez and he is Huber Gómez, children of Servando Gómez,” states the video that has become viral on YouTube.

Jenni appears in many photos with the Gómez kids looking very friendly and almost like family, and there’s even a recording of one of her concerts in Apatzingán in 2011 posted on Sayonara’s Facebook captioned “With my mommy Jenni Rivera somewhere.” In another photo, Sayonara commented “How could I forget our debuts with mommy Jenni every time we arrived at her concerts with her, posing like the best on first row or on her stage. Miss you Jenni.”

Another Facebook post from Sayonara reads, “Remembering some of the beautiful moments I spent with this great woman, unique, unforgettable, smart and a fighter. Obviously with my one and only Diva. Until this day there’s no one else who can be like her and there will never be anyone to overshadow her and accomplish everything she did. I just want to say that we, the ones who knew you and shared great moments with you, will miss you and you’ll always live in our hearts mommy Jenni Rivera.”

In the same video, there’s another accusation towards La Barbie Grupera, Melissa Plancarte. Apparently, she had claimed she didn’t know La Tuta’s children, but Valor Por Michoacán revealed a picture of her with Sayonara and Huber. Check out the video below and draw your own conclusions. Do you think Jenni had anything to do with drug cartels? Or was this an unfortunate coincidence of running into the Gómez kids way too many times?

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