Jenni Rivera Is Now A Piñata! The Late Singer’s Image Is Now Used As Parties Amusement [VIDEO]

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After the December 9 tragic plane crash that ended Jenni Rivera's short but accomplished life, many fans have mourned her passing in different ways. Altars, playing her songs all the time, dressing up like her, and more. But some have a different grieving process, and to cope with the death of La Diva de la Banda, they contacted Roberto Martínez to create the ultimate Jenni Rivera memorabilia: a piñata.

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The piñata maker, who lives in California, said in an interview with TV show "El Gordo y la Flaca" that ever since he started making them, he's received many requests from fans, who are willing to pay from $200 to $300 for a piñata. "It all started when fans started requesting something to remember her, and someone came up with the idea of a Jenni Rivera piñata," said the creator of this controversial party amusement. He added that everything he does, is with respect.

"This piñata is harder to make because you have to mold it. I think about it as a way of respecting and honoring her memory because she just died, and I'm aware that we use piñatas to hit them with sticks and break them, but I see it differently. It's an art. It can be seen as a statue that you can have in your bedroom or a memory of her," expressed Martínez.

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The "Diva piñatas" as people are calling it, have provoked great controversy in social media because, although some fans claim this is a great way to honor the late singer, others say that Jenni Rivera's image should not be used this way.

"A Jenni Rivera piñata, is like something bad. It can offend her family. It's like you're mistreating Jenni, hitting her. I don't think it's right." "I think it's very disrespectful given her influence as an artist to many people. It's like you're mocking her," said some fans in disagreement with the fact that the Jenni Rivera piñatas are now a thing.

Meanwhile, don Pedro Rivera, Jenni's father, was very vocal by reminding people that Jenni Rivera is a trademark. "It's not a sin that people are imitating her, but some people just want to make money using her name. At least they should let us know, and we can reach an agreement because her name is a trademark and it's not up for the use of whoever."

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