Jennifer Lopez, Verizon Partner To Announce Viva Movil, Latino-Focused Mobile Phone Company [VIDEO]

Jennifer Lopez and Verizon come together to launch Viva Movil. Viva Movil (

Today at the CTIA 2013 In Las Vegas this morning, Verizon announced an exclusive partnership with Jennifer Lopez to create a mobile company catered to the Latino market, called Viva Movil.

The Latino population represents 67 percent growth in the U.S. and they represent a key consumer group. The move is definitely smart for Verizon and the A-list celeb.

The new company will be headed by J.Lo and supported by Big Red, Brightstar and Moorehead Communications as partners.

Jennifer Lopez and Verizon come together to launch Viva Movil. Viva Movil (

"This new company is here to revolutionize the entire mobile experience for Latinos," said Lopez. "There's no specific place for Latinos to be specifically catered to. We will continuously evolve the wireless shopping experience with Verizon Wireless's guidance and support."

Lopez who is serving as chief creative officer for Viva Movil emphasized the need for a mobile brand that addresses Latinos who may be immigrants, but are also American citizens. She said this demographic shops differently.

Viva Movil will create retail stores that have: Play areas for children because Latinos are more likely to shop as a family, affordable prices and offers because "Latinos love deals," says Lopez. Testing zones so customers have the opportunity to test their devices and an entire staff and sales team that are bilingual.

The company will operate on Verizon's network.

When the company launches they will only be selling phones already on the Verizon market, but Viva Movil plans to start eventually launching their own devices.

J.Lo plans to sweeten the launch of the Viva Movil store by launching her own exclusive line of smartphone accessories.

The first store is set to open mid-June.

Viva Movil will launch in Los Angeles, Miami and New York City. More cities will be supported later this year once Verizon, Brightstar and Moorehead select markets to support.

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