Justin Bieber Spits On Fans From Toronto Hotel Balcony [PHOTOS AND VIDEO]

Justin Bieber
Photo Credit: Grosby Group
 Grosby Group
Photo Credit: Grosby Group

Justin Bieber's behavior has been making headlines lately. Not only did the pop star enrage his neighbors for speeding in the gated community where he lives, but he's also been known for peeing into a mop bucket at a night club and yelling, "F--k Bill Clinton."

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But his new "habit" apparently is spitting on people. An Ohio DJ publicly charged Bieber with spitting on him at a Columbus night club, and in March, Bieber's Calabasas, Calif., neighbor claimed the pop star spit on him during an argument that came after the speeding allegations.

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Now it seems that the singer did it again while in Toronto for his "Believe Tour."

Dozens of fans gathered at the Toronto's Hazelton Hotel last week, where Justin was staying, to try to catch a glimpse of their favorite celebrity.

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Their dreams came true, when the star came out to his balcony with a group of friends, waved at his fans, grabbed a video of them and posted it on Instagram thanking them for their support. "I wake up this morning to this :0 Best fans in the wotrld. #beliebers #sexyfans," he wrote.

However, the pop superstar later hurled saliva over at his fans as his amused friends looked on. Paparazzi that were also gathered at the scene photographed Bieber in the act.

The star seemed to be pleased with himself, turning to his group of admiring friends to laugh and snap pictures of them and the fans who got showered with his spit.

 Grosby Group
Photo Credit: Grosby Group

Although some "beliebers" took it to social media to express their disgust with their idol, other fanatics wished they had been the target comparing Bieber's saliva to holy water.

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