Marc Anthony Hits The 'Premios Juventud 2013 Stage After Racist Twitter Bashing [VIDEO]

Premios Juventud 2013

Marc Anthony hit the "Premios Juventud 2013" stage in Miami mere days after he was bashed on Twitter for singing 'God Bless America' at the MLB All-Star Game. The Latin singer performed "Vivir Mi Vida," a positive tune about moving on with life after a bad break-up. Many have speculated that this song is about J.Lo.

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Jennifer Lopez was also at the show where she also performed with Pitbull during the opening number. That must have been an awkward moment, potentially singing to his ex-wife and her new beau. To be fair, he has also moved on from their relationship and they are both happy with their lives.

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Check out Marc Anthony's fun performance down below.

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