Mexico World Cup 2014: Who Does Croatia's Coach Niko Kovac Look Like?

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Croatia coach Niko Kovac

Croatia head coach Niko Kovac has a lot to be happy about. His side has just demolished Cameroon in their Group A FIFA World Cup match, and will play Mexico for a spot in the knockout stages. But all that is just semantics to the internet. The web has broken out in conversation about Kovac's similar looks to a few celebrites. Here are just a few of those:

RTR3FVN2 Joseph Gordon Levitt: Niko Kovac's long lost brother

1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Since his childhood debut in Angels in the Outfield, Levitt has grown into a superstar. Most recently seen in Don Jon, Looper, and Inception, this stud has nearly the same bone structur as Kovac. 

Omartinez French actor Olivier Martinez also resembles Croatia's coach

2. Olivier Martinez: French actor Olivier Martinez might best be known as Halle Berry's husband. But here, he is much, much more than that: he looks almost identical to Crotia's manager. 

Michael Wincott Canadian actor Michael Wincott holds a dashing stare. Where does he rank as a Kovac doppleganger?

3. Michael Wincott: Canadian actor Wincott has made appearances in The Count of Monte Cristo and The Three Muskateers. And boy, does he resemble Kovac! 


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