Paraguay Teachers Caught Dancing With Strippers At School Retreat

Paraguayan teachers are accused of dancing with strippers at official retreat.

Hundreds of Paraguayan teachers are in the middle of a scandal after leaked cell phone video footage showed teachers dancing with strippers during an official school retreat. Local media is calling the event an "erotic party" and an education official has revealed that the claims are currently under investigation by the Ministry of Education and Culture

. Fortunately, the official school retreat did not involve students, as teachers were given permission to attend a team-building retreat in April. The video footage, which was given to CNN affiliate Telefuturo, supposedly shows topless male strippers dancing with female teachers with music blasting and other teachers and onlookers cheering.

"The concern is, well, education is an essential service. So what are our motives for suspending classes? Well, for a day of training, right? Apparently with a union license. The content should be tied to educational priorities," Education Minister Marta Lafuente said to CNN. In light of the events, the Ministry of Education is reportedly investigating 79 school directors that took part in the retreat, which had approximately 800 teachers, at a ranch. School officials have confirmed that the performance by strippers was not on the official itinerary and that the performances were organized without the consent of the retreat organizers. 

The president of the National Union of Directors of Public Institutions has gone on record to condemn those involved in the incident, stating that the event was immoral and has even called on those involved to be punished. Union director Miguel Marecos told CNN that the event organizers should be punished first, adding that after the punishment, they need further punishment. "Then, take them to a spiritual retreat," he said, "and talk to them a bit about values." Those defending the teachers have argued that what the teachers do in their own time is their business, but in the end, the actions are worthy of being punished given that it took place at a professional event.

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