Popping Bottles: Brilliant Champagne Hacks For New Year's Eve 2017

Grab a glass of the real deal and toast the 2017! Jamie McCarthy/Getty

There is not New Year’s Eve toast without champagne. But you don’t have to celebrate the same way every year when you have the possibility to try something new and exciting.

You can totally take the opportunity to splurge on yourself and grab a glass of the real deal or simply you can advocate for affordable bottles of champagne.

Whichever your choice is, we've found some genius ideas to serve your bubbly in the best way possible and we want to share them with you:

  • Build a tower: Is classic and impressive. Use old-fashioned coups to make your get together fancier.


  • Go for the mini bottles: These adorably tiny bottles not only will help with portion-control, they also can be decorated with straws or jiggers.

  • Make JELL-O shots: Everybody is ready for the jelly! Once these make the rounds at your bash, people will be talking about them all night long.

  • Freeze some popsicles: Even though we are in winter season you can still enjoy a good Popsicle. Just add sugar, water, and a bit of gelatin to your champagne, pour in a mold, freeze the whole night and you've got fancy ice pops for all.


  • Buy boozy candy: You can find spiked truffles, Champagne-flavored jelly beans, and gummy "bubbles" for your guests- wait! What?


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