Ricky Martin To Sing FIFA World Cup Official Song In Brazil 2014; Will It Be Another 'Copa De La Vida' Success?

Ricky Martin
Ricky Martin will sing the official World Cup theme song.

Ricky Martin is set to sing the official theme song for the FIFA World Cup In Brazil next summer. The Latin superstar will be playing in a familiar field as he previously had the same duties during the 1998 World Cup in France. After singing "La Copa de la Vida" to the world, Ricky rose to fame and became a global phenomenon.

"We are releasing the album so we can later go on tour. We are going to do things in Brazil for the World Cup," Martin said in an interview with "Primer Impacto."

This time around, and 16 years later, the "Come With Me" hitmaker is already consolidated in the music industry. The audience already knows what he's about and what he can achieve. Everyone knew the catch tune to "La Copa de la Vida" with the "goal, goal, goal" and "ale, ale, ale." This new track will have to live up to the high standards that Martin set for himself and we are sure he will. 

Check out "La Copa de la Vida" music video below and soundoff with your thoughts on Ricki singing the World Cup song again.

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