Russell Brand Shoots Down Rumors Of Affair With Transgender 'Celebrity Big Brother' Contestant Lauren Harries [VIDEO]

Russell Brand and Lauren Harries
Russell Brand and Lauren Harries

Russell Brand has denied having an affair with transgender "Celebrity Big Brother" contestant Lauren Harries. "With respect to the ol' transgender community, I didn't have it off with the antiques kid off Wogan. My favourite media lie ever though," Brand wrote on his Twitter account. The rumor of them having a secret relationship is not new, but has gained traction thanks to Harries' involvement in the UK reality show. Russell even took the rumors with humor citing a conversation he had with his mother on the social network, "Mum: You wouldn't do it with that Lauren lady- you hardly knew him!
Me: To be fair Mum that's not stopped me in the past."

Lauren, was born as a male named James, was a child prodigy that became famous on the "Wogan" show where he showed his incredible knowledge on antiques. Harries met Brand when he was the host of "Big Brother's Big Mouth," an after-show that goes into depth on what the main "Big Brother" highlight show does not delve on. Harries at the time, had been living as a woman for about 8 years when the supposed secret affair occurred. During Harries' stint on BBBM Russell calls her a "sexy cow."

The former prodigy recalls the events that lead up to the encounter in a blog post titled "The Affair," an alleged excerpt from an autobiography from Lauren Harries. In the post she claims that after the show the comedian approached her and said, "I remember you young Harries. I thought you were a stuck up opinionated spoilt kid on Wogan." They have a couple more words and Brand cuts to the chase and asks "Are you and mum staying at the Holiday Inn?" to which Lauren replies, "No." Russell follows up with another question, "Fancy a drink at the hotel?” Harries accepted his offer to meet up at a later time and wrote her sentiment on her blog after that moment, "As he kissed my hand I felt a surge of electricity."

She continues on to question Russell's intentions as she didn't know where his head was. "I had little experience of dating men in Britain, as soon as they knew who I was, they were frightened off, not because of my small fame, but because I used to be a man. Is this too much for as man to accept? I knew it would take a man with real awareness and strength to take me on." The post stops short on what happened when they finally met up that evening.

Lauren Harries has survived two evictions from the "Celebrity Big Brother" house and has been put up on the block from her fellow housemmates from being extremely untidy like leaving wet towels around and not flushing toilets after usage. Take a look at the Russell Brand and Lauren encounter from "Big Brother's Big Mouth" down below and tell us what you think.


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